Saturday, April 12, 2014

The First "SPAMMER" On The Internet

His name is Gary Thuerk, Marketing Manager from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). DEC is a computer company in USA. On 3 May 1978, Gary Thuerk wanted to spread the news regarding a new computer product from his company in Los Angeles and San Mateo, California. And, this is where the story begin.

"SPAMMER" Pertama Di Internet

Namanya adalah Gary Thuerk, Marketing Manager dari Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). DEC sendiri adalah perusahaan komputer di AS. Pada tanggal 3 Mei 1978, Gary Thuerk ingin menyebarkan berita mengenai produk komputer terbaru dari perusahaannya di Los Angeles dan San Mateo, California. Dan, disinilah ceritanya dimulai.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Changing The Case Of String In PHP

Sometimes, we make variable which has the value of string and we don't really care whether we type it in small or capital letters.
What if we want to change the case of string without changing the string itself?