You Should Eat These Foods Before Taking Your Flight

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Some people may feel uncomfortable or nausea during their flight especially if the flight is taking more than 10,000 feet. You may want to try these foods before taking your flight.

1. Low-Salt Foods

If you consume foods which contain too much salt, there is a chance that you will feel nausea because of too much gas in your body. You will eventually feel uncomfortable in your flight. In order to avoid this kind of problem, try to eat low-salt foods.

2. Orange

Oranges are good. You can get lot of benefits by consuming oranges. Oranges can increase the immune system in our body, vitamin C, and by consuming oranges you are actually avoiding yourself from dehydration.

3. Herbal Tea

Avoid consuming too much caffeine beverages such as coffee before taking your flight. Too much Caffeine may causes dehydration. Herbal tea is an option. You can drink natural herbal tea without any caffeine in it to avoid dehydration. And by the way, herbal tea with peppermint is good too.

4. Yoghurt

The humans' digestion system is not designed to work at 7 miles or 11 kilometres above the sea level. You may feel uncomfortable around your stomach. Yoghurt helps you to avoid any uncomfortable feeling around your stomach or in your digestion system.

5. Water with a piece of lemon

Have you ever felt tired or sleepy during travelling around with aircraft? That could be dehydration. You can overcome this problem by drinking a lot of water with a piece of lemon in it. Well, lemon contains antibacterial and can avoid sore throat.

6. Protein

Protein gives you a lot of energy and satiety. You can try foods that contain protein such as egg, meat, or fish.

7. Smoothies

Well, basically smoothies are the combination between fruits and yoghurt. It is good to avoid dehydration.

So............ have a nice flight....


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