You Should Not Eat These Foods Before Taking Your Flight

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Whatever you've eaten before your flight might give impact for your body or your health in the air. These are the foods that you should not eat before your flight:

1. Fast/Junk Food
We all know about this. We can find any kind of fast/junk food restaurants in any airports. But, please mind your digestion system. Why? Because your body or your digestion system work much harder in 35000 feet. And we all know that the foods in fast/junk food restaurants contain lot of fats and any other things where our body needs very long time to digest those foods. There is a possibility that you will get stomach ache or constrictions in your artery.

2. Alcohol Beverage
Well....Alcohol is not food but, please do not drink it before your flight and if it is possible never drink it. LOL... xD . Alcohol may cause dehydration. The worse case is the air during your flight is not moist. And that may cause dehydration if you did drink alcohol before your flight. And, your throat can become dry.

3. Vegetables
You should avoid some vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower before your flight. The reason is when the aircraft is taking off, the cabin pressure would be decreased and that makes the air increasing up to 30% in the cabin. And because of that, the amount of air that enters into your body especially your stomach/maag and small intestine/small bowel would be increased. And you will feel uncomfortable because your stomach is filled with air or puffed up during the flight. So, try to avoid those vegetables which may increase the amount of gas inside your stomach.

4. Soft Drinks
It is just like alcohol. It will cause dehydration and your stomach would be filled with air. So, try to avoid it.

5. Sugar-Free Candy or Chewing Gum
Sugar-free candies contain artificial sweetener which is also applied in chewing gum. Unfortunately, our body is not designed to digest sugar perfectly where it could cause your stomach filled with the air.

6. Nuts
Naturally, nuts contain sugar where it is too complex to be digested by our body. Eating nuts before taking your flight might cause your stomach to be filled with air or puffed up. Some people eat nuts because they want the protein inside it. If you really want the protein, try to soak the nuts for a night to clean up the sugar inside. And then only you consume it.

7. Garlic
Do you like garlic? Well, think again if you are about to take your flight. Garlic makes your breath smells. FYI, garlics contain sulfur which can be absorbed by your blood and lung. It means that, once you consume the garlic or any foods that contain garlic in it, the smell of garlics would spread through your breath. Automatically, it may disturb other passengers or your friends that sit beside you.

So, try to avoid those kind of food if you are about to take your flight. All right. Have a nice flight...


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